When They Get Married (Kissed By The Baddest Bidder Headcanon)

  • Soryu: Surprised. Everyone's a bit shocked, no one really placed him as the marrying type. As he's getting ready for the wedding, he catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror while he's buttoning his tuxedo. He can't help but wonder how long it's been since he's actually done his buttons himself. He probably stopped, after he met you, you always fixed them for him. When he thinks about it, he's actually a bit surprised that you're willing to marry him. He never really expected that anyone would really love him for who he was, rather than his money. "I guess there's a first time for everything."
  • Baba: Anxious. Everyone's a bit jittery, after all he is a thief. He's always told you how he plans on stealing you away, but this time it would be for real. You would really be his forever. The thought intoxicates his mind, and actually causes him to grin like a child. Of course their jitters are proved correct when Aya breaks through the church doors, policemen rushing in. You and Baba have to rush the Father, jamming the rings onto one another's fingers, before sharing a haphazard kiss. He grabs you, and escapes with ease and style. "I wonder what Mamoru's going to say when they ask him what he's doing here."
  • Mamoru: Excited. Everyone's been looking forward to this day, especially the two of you. Whatever wedding jitters you were feeling before, begin to ease when you see him at the altar, and are gone when he takes your hand in his. There's a soft glint in his eyes, and a warm smile presses against his lips. As you recite your vows, he softly squeezes your hand. And when the time comes, he captures your lips with his, and barely hear him whisper: "You're a real woman now."
  • Eisuke: Extravagant. Everyone's a bit awestruck at how expensive everything looks, large bouquets of soft flowers are at the end of every isle, and they can catch a glimpse of doves in golden cages. Rumor has it that the cages are made of pure gold, everyone's eyes freeze when they see you. Eisuke anticipated this reaction, it was the whole point of the decor. He smiles when you finally reach the altar. "I told you that I would make you shine like a star."
  • Ota: Systimatic. You can see it very clearly as you walk down the isle; how hard Ota's been working on the wedding. He never took away your right to choose what you wanted, but he always helped. He was a bit like the wedding planner, making sure everything ran smoothly, and if there was a problem he would solve it. What everyone really remembers about your wedding, is the color coordination. Just looking at the soft colors made them smile. Your head rests on his chest as you share your first dance as a married couple. His lips above your ear. "You look beautiful."
  • -SKY